Parents intending to enrol their children are to report to the Office. The Principal will determine  acceptance and the class placement of your child. An Enrolment Form will thereafter be handed to you. The completed form must be accompanied with the Enrolment Fee and the monthly fee.


A minimum enrolment age of 6 years applies. A child must be 6 years of age or turn 6 by no later than 30 June in the year of Enrolment. Proof of age will be required.


16:30 –  18:15



Mon  –  Fri :                16:30   –   18:15

We would appreciate your child arriving promptly and regularly at 16:30. Given the short class hours, the first class will begin promptly at 16:30 Insha Allah. It is of utmost importance that your child arrives on time so that they have time to settle in. Being punctual also sends a clear message to your child that madrassa [ and hence Islam ] is important.


Classes end at 18h15. Please ensure that you arrive at the institute a few minutes before the session is over.


In the event of an early pick-up , please report to the Office & inform the Principal. Your child will not be released without prior permission from the Office. Under no circumstance is a parent to proceed directly to the child’s classroom without the prior consent of the Principal.

Please note that Office and Maktab hours may be subject to change during Winter. Parents will be  notified in advance.


Your  child is required to bring:

1. A bag to carry their Quran and other books. Please ensure that these bags have NO PICTURES of any sort on them. 2. A pencil case which includes stationary. [ eraser, sharpener etc..]. Younger pupils should have colour pencils as part of their stationary, Please ensure that the stationary has no pictures on them as well. 3. Kindly note that food and drink are not allowed inside the Masjid & classrooms. Please ensure that your child does not carry any food and drink into the Masjid building.  4. A note-book for teacher-parent communication. 5. A box of tissues. These will be stored  in the office  and are used for the all the pupils as per required. 6. Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones and any electronic devices to the Maktab.


Pupils are required to wear Islamic dress at Masjid Ibrahim Maktab. Please ensure that your child arrives dressed respectfully and decently. No clothing which has pictures of cartoon characters, sports star’s names etc. will be allowed.

Boys:  The wearing of a hat is compulsory for boys of all ages.

Girls:  Covering the hair is mandatory for girls of all ages. No Jewellery, nail polish or make-up of any  sort  is allowed.  Long loose clothing is required.  The wearing of tights and tight fitting clothing is not permitted.


1. A reminder to all to observe the sanctity of the Masjid by behaving and dressing appropriately.

2. Teaching and reminding your child to use Masjid wudhu & toilet facilities in the correct manner will assist in maintaining cleanliness.
3. One classroom has been designated for female parents to perform salaah. Classroom 5 (through the kitchen) has been allocated for this purpose.
4. Kindly inform Maktab of Change in Address / email address / contact numbers.
5. An appointment must be made with a teacher should a parent wish to discuss a student’s progress.
Eid Tues 18th June: Talk 7:15am | Salah 7:30am