In the interest of the safety of our children, please enter and leave with caution. DO NOT WAIT in the entry and exit points as this obstructs other cars. Please also be considerate when entering and exiting the driveway.   Please drive slowly as the safety of our students is of paramount importance.

    To ensure the safety of your child at Masjid Ibrahim , kindly take careful heed of the procedures below.

  • It is COMPULSORY for parents to accompany their child to his/her classroom , and to collect him/ her from the classroom.
  • Parents are not permitted to drop off children in the parking areas / expect their child to go to their car unaccompanied
  • Teachers will remain in class until 10 minutes after class ends. [6.10pm]. Parents are expected to collect their child from his/her classroom.
  • Teachers will not release students unless they are collected by the parent.
  • All children not collected by 6.10pm , will be left at the Office. Parents will collect their children from the Office.
  • Kindly inform the Principal, Sheik Abubakar if you are late.
  • Each classroom will be allocated with it’s own shoe rack. Your child will be expected to place his/her shoes NEATLY in this rack, and not on the floor.


    Maktab  wishes to avoid traffic congestion. Hence, parking has been allocated to specific classrooms. Please park in your allocated bay.

  • Parking for Classes 1– 3 will be at the BACK of Masjid. PARKING AREA 1
  • The parking closest to the Female Toilet are designated Teacher Parking, and are not permitted for use by parents.
  • Parking for boys, Class 3 and above FRONT of masjid main entrance. PARKING AREA 2  Older girls will access their classrooms via the the exterior passage, leading past the kitchen.
  • Do not use the disabled parking [unless you are disabled]
  • The speed limit on Masjid property is 10 km . DO NOT SPEED  DO NOT DROP OFF / COLLECT CHILDREN ON THE DRIVEWAY.
  • Do not obstruct traffic in any way.
  • Courtesy ; respect ; patience ; tolerance and kindness are the hallmarks of a Muslim. Please exercise these in order to facilitate ease of use of the premises by all .
  • Parking for older girls, Classes 4-9 is at the back of the old Musallah.
  • Parking at the Musallah is strictly at the back of the property. Parents are not allowed to park at the front of the Musallah as this is designated for teachers.

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