The syllabus is formulated for pupils aged 6-16, and the topics/subjects covered are:

Qur’an Reading | Qur’an Memorisation | Hadith (Prophetic Traditions) |Aqaa’id (Faith & Creed)

Tajwid (Enunciation)| Islamic History | Fiqh (Hanafi) | Akhlaq (Islamic Morals) | Practicals

Each component of the syllabus is developed to age-approprlate levels based on sound-knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah with a sound & structured international support network. Workshops to enhance the skills of those teaching will be held regularly insha Allah to ensure continuous development of those using the curriculum. Masjid ibrahim Maktab curently uses the above syllabus and also includes a Tahfiz al-Quran class. For further information please contact Masjid Ibrahim Maktab. Contact details are available from the ‘Contact us’ page on this website.

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