Fee Policy

A willingness on the part of the responsible parent or guardian to pay maktab fees is a necessary  condition of the enrolment and on going attendance of a child at Masjid Ibrahim Maktab. Masjid Ibrahim Maktab’s income is generated solely from Fee income. Donations are welcome.

Fees consist of two components :- 1. Maktab fees which are payable each term. [$125 x  4 Terms – TOTAL $500 per year] Enrolment fees which are paid once only. [$80 Class 0 ; $65 Classes  1-9]

Enrolment Fee and Admin: Upon enrolment, an admin fee of $10 will be charged to secure your space. Once off annual Enrolment Fee of $80 for Class 0 &  $65.00 for Class 1-9, per child enrolling  is to be paid at the beginning of Term One / immediately upon Enrolment.

All pupils will be provided with one set of text books. These books are included in the enrolment fee. These will only be released once the enrolment fee has been received. Please ensure that these books are looked after, since any additional books required will incur a separate cost.  Students who supply their own books will be charged half the Enrolment Fee.  In addition, they must purchase any other books if required.

Qurans and Quran primers are not included in the Enrolment Fee. These need to be purchased separately. Please enquire about this from the class teacher.

Term Tuition Fees: $ 125.00 per child per Term.  Parents have 2 options : Pay $125 per child, in advance at the beginning of each Term OR  Pay in instalments of $50 per month per child by the 1st of each month from February to November , with the exception of the first monthly fee , which is payable together with the Enrolment Fee.

Fee Payment Procedure: Cash –  Payable to the admin office. Please ensure that you receive a receipt . Bank Transfer :  NAB Account Name : SDIIBF Account Number  :  24-264-0246 BSB : 086-146 Reference : Child’s Name & Family Name


Maktab uses  MYOB software. Each student will receive a separate Statement. A Statement will be emailed during the first week of each Term .  This will detail your activity for the year to date and includes all  Invoices billed and Payments Received.  Your Total Due will be reflected at the bottom of the Statement.


  • Admin Fee $10 upon enrolment to secure your space. (non refundable)
  • An enrolment fee of  $80 [Class 0] or $65 [Class 1-9] per child is payable immediately upon enrolment
  • The fee for Term 1  is payable immediately upon Enrolment, in addition to the Enrolment Fee.
  • Fees will be billed per Term for 4 Terms at  $125 per Term per child, payable in week one of each Term OR
  • Parents have the option of paying in monthly instalments  from Term 2 onwards. A  fee of $50 is payable per child from  01 April to  01 November . Payable by the 1st of each month.
  • This means you will pay  $500 per year per child.
  • The fee is payable irrespective of Maktab or personal holidays.
  • The fee is payable in full irrespective of number of days  per week attended.
  • The Parent/Guardian will be liable for the Term fee in full, irrespective of date of enrolment, subject to the discretion of the Principal.
  • Kindly inform The Principal immediately if fees cannot be paid in full by the specified due date.
  • Fees may be paid in cash at the Office [Please ensure you are given a receipt] OR by direct bank transfer .
  • Receipts will be allocated first to Enrolment.
  • Thereafter receipts will be firstly allocated to overdue fees & then to the most recent invoice.
  • An Invoice detailing the term fee due will be emailed to you on the first day of each Term.
  • A Statement will be emailed to you every Term, detailing your Total Amount Due.
  • Each child will receive a separate  Statement.
  • Please ensure that you have been issued with the correct Receipt upon payment of fees.
  • Kindly file all Receipts in order to keep track of your payments or in the event of a query.
  • Kindly inform the Office should you be unable to access email. Office will provide printed copies of your Invoices & Statements.
  • Fees will be Invoiced for the full duration of Enrolment.
  • Should a parent wish to terminate  enrolment , the Maktab is to be given at least one month prior notice , in writing, via email to the address below.
  • Billing will only terminate after one month , upon receipt of notice of intent to leave.
  • Parents will be billed  in full should  sufficient Notice not be given.
  • All Fees are subject to change with notice.


  • Fees are due by the end of week one at the beginning of each term, OR by the 1st of the month if exercising the option to pay monthly. A reminder will be sent if Fees are not paid by the end of week 2 of each term. Fees that remain unpaid  will be followed up by a telephone call OR verbal query from the Principal. The non-payment / late payment of fees places  an undue & onerous  burden upon Maktab resources.

    Please inform the Principal if you encounter difficulty in paying your fees and to arrange a payment plan .


    Kindly address all Fee queries to

Sister Ayesha [0435 589240] Or

Email us at : masjidibrahim.maktab@gmail.com / info@maktabibrahim.com.au

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