Darul Uloom Masjid Ibrahim is an Institute of Higher Islamic Studies. The A’alim course is a full-time course covering Tajwid & Qira’ah, Hadith & Usul al Hadith, Arabic grammar & syntax, Fiqh jurisprudence & Theology. Under supervision of qualified ‘ulemah.


(All materials & resources are provided)

7:30am- 12:10pm
Attendance during these hours is a pre-requisite.

Medium Of Instruction:

Course Duration:
7 Years

Entry Requirements

  1. Fluent Quran recital.
  2. Self-Motivation & dedication.
  3. Interviews are conducted with potential candidates. At this stage this program caters for males only.

Jumu'ah: Azan 12.30pm | Talk 12.40pm | Khutbah 1.00pm