Do you want to finish reading the Qur’an?

Do you want to finish reading the Qur'an?

Do you want to finish reading the Holy Qura’an this Ramadan Insha-Allah ? All you have to do is to read around 4.5 pages after each prayer. Check this out:

4.5 X 5 prayers a day X 30 day = 604 pages(the number of Quran pages)

I never knew it was that easy to read the whole Quran each month, by spending few minutes after each prayer , AND WHAT AN INVESTMENT !!! and if you are in real hurry you can finish it once every two months by reading just 2 pages , CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ??? And remember , each letter you read in Qura’an counts 10 hasanat;

what about a word ?? what about a line ?? what about a page ?? what about a juz??? what about the whole Qur’an ??……….??



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